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Cartier Replica Watches pieces were not the first to use coins as part of their jewellery or watches. However, they are some of the most popular and sought-after, thanks to the celebrity association. These "old money treasures" were worn by celebrities such as Candice Bergen and Goldie hawn, but they will forever be linked to the scandalous love story of Elizabeth Taylor with Richard Burton while filming Cleopatra In Rome.

Cartier Replica Watches is a brand that has always eschewed convention. They are constantly looking for alternatives to diamonds. The maison is known for its unique and innovative use of colored gems. Coins were a natural progression. Cartier Replica Watches has used ancient coins from Greece and Persia, but also early 20th century pieces from the US. It is always exciting to see new Monete items, especially when they are made of precious materials. Two stunning pieces were unveiled this Each of the two secret watches showcases Cartier Replica Watches’s cutting-edge timepieces within a frame that includes exquisite haute joaillerie, as well as historic Roman coins.

The Octo Monete wristwatch has an octagonal casing that surrounds an ancient Roman silver coin. This ancient coin acts as the dial cover and is opened by using the winding crown. The coin selected is a 4th-century coin struck during the reign of Constantinus Augustus. The skeletonised Calibre 268, which is the thinnest tourbillon in the world, can be found inside the case.Omega Replica Watches The calibre has 253 parts and a thickness of 1,95mm. It features a flying-tourbillon cage supported by a ball bearing ring instead of the usual pivoting axle.

The second piece, the pendant watch in octagonal shape is equally stunning. The dial of this watch is again covered by a coin from the 4th century, depicting Alexander the Great as King of Macedonia, conqueror of Persian Empire, and king of Macedonia. Cover opens to reveal gold openworked Calibre BVL 208 – the same movement found in the Serpenti Incantati Skeleton tourbillon released in 2016. The 90cm pink-gold neck chain and case are adorned with rubies and diamonds.

It is difficult to choose a favorite from these two brands, but there is one thing that is certain: Few brands are able to combine the beauty outside and the secret inside in a way so historically fascinating and unique.

Cartier Replica Watches Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Monete Wristwatch

Technical Specifications

Move with ease

Calibre BVL 268, skeleton flying tourbillon, hand-wound; 253 components with 52-hour power reserves

Case Study

Water-resistant up to 30m. 44mm octagonal pink gold case; 4-silica coin.

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